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Scientific Careers

The Faculty of Sciences graduates can be encountered in predictable areas, such as :

  • pharmaceutical, space or chemical companies, integrating business functions in the production division or the research and developpment team;
  • academic research centers;
  • secondary or higher education institutions;
  • engineering firms within either the private or the public sector;

They can also be encountered in less expected areas, such as :

  • hospitals where physicists and mathematicians work in medical imaging;
  • banks and insurance companies;
  • the sphere of development cooperation;
  • logistics;
  • major international agencies (OECD, International Labor Office, UNESCO), etc. working as experts;
Scientists are sought after not only for their knowledge, but also for their problem-solving skills, their creativity and their work-related autonomy. Consequently, we may find scientists in all sorts unexpected positions, which makes it difficult to define a standard “profile” for science graduates. Indeed, this difficulty reflects the plethora of possibilities offered by a science degree.
Updated on April 3, 2023