Internships@ Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) (14/4/2023)

All the information here. Contact person: Leo Barbut <>

Internships@Phytwelt (6/4/2023)

All information here 

Internship @ Kantify (20/1/23)

Kantify, the Brussels-based startup applying AI for Human Health, will look for interns for a 4 to 6 months duration in the field of AI for drug discovery. The internship will focus on developing novel AI models for drug discovery and help advance the discovery of new therapies. Details here
Contact person:

Internship @ UZBrussel (20/12/22)

All information here

Internship @ ITEOS Therapeutics (20/12/22)

All information here.

Internship @ Bordet  (25/8/22)

Title: Characterisation of tertiary lymphoid structures in breast cancer with RNA-seq. All information here

Stages SUD ULB

All info here:

Biopark student day

Le jeudi 31 mars entre 9h30 et 16h aura lieu le Biopark student day ! Les étudiants auront l’opportunité d’y rencontrer des entrepreneurs, réaliser des visites d’entreprises et développer leur perspectives personnelles au travers d’atelier animés par les entreprises du Biopark, le Forem et ULB HELSCI.

Masters from the Computational Math Biology Master in Marseille 


Internship at Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

There are internship opportunities at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Rue Vautier, 29
1000 Brussels

The contact person is:
Delacroix GenevieÌve
Head of the Ecosystem Modelling Team
Tel: +32 2 627 42 99

Internship in Puratos (17/9/21)

All information here.

Internships in Aix-Marseille University (France)

Those internships are proposed in the context of the CIVIS partnership. All information here here

Internship in the Lab of Microbial Systems Biology (KUL)

All information here.

Stages SUD ULB (26/5/21)

All information here.

Internship @ORSI Academy, Melle (21/4/21)

Context: prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Western Europe. If diagnosed in time, a cure can be obtained by surgically removing the prostate gland. This is often done using robotic assistance as care needs to be taken not to injure neurovascular structures which lie closely to the prostate. The ORSI group is developing assistive technology which helps the surgeon in decreasing risk to damaging these structures while maximizing the oncological outcome. We look at how models can help predict surgical margins and how patient-specific imaging can help in this process.


*          Finished bachelor of Science in informatics, computer science, engineering physics, electrotechnical or electromechanical engineering
*          Working knowledge of Python
*          Interested in Surgical Data Science
*          Min 6 weeks availability from mid August - September

Nice to have:

*          Knowledge of Anatomical Segmentation (3DSlicer, Mimics, Simpleware, D2P)
*          Knowledge of 3D visualization and manipulation is plus (Netfabb, Autodesk, …)
*          Knowledge of deep learning frameworks
*          Knowledge of medical jargon

Contact person:

Internship @Molecular Bacteriology Lab (Bacmol), Faculty of Medicine (Erasme), ULB (13/5/20)

All info here.

Internship @DBM Gosselies (18/3/20)

All info here.

Internship @GSK (18/3/20)

All info  are here.

Internship @ Bordet  (14/3/20

All info here and here.

Internship @ Nucleomics Core (VIB/Leuven)  (14/3/19)

All info here.

Internship in Puratos (31/1/19)

All info here

Interesting links for finding an internship in a company

Companies that could be interested in hosting an intern
  • OncoDNA (Gosselies):
  • DNAVision (Gosselies):
  • Dnalytics (Louvain-la-Neuve):
  • Cartagenia (Leuven):
  • Nucleomics Core (VIB/Leuven):
    • Contact:  Rekin's Janky <>
  • Genomics Core (Leuven):
  • GSK:
    • Contacts: Benoît Dessailly (BENOIT.X.DESSAILLY@GSK.COM) (Technical R&D), Ahmed Essaghir []
    • Keywords: NGS, Séquençage, Variant calling, Omics, Viruses, Bacteria.
  • UCB: 
    • Contact: Patrice Godard (
    • Keywords: therapeutic target identification, disease mechanism understanding, biomarker development, transcriptome/*ome, R/Rmd
  • Institut de Pathologie et de Génétique (IPG), Gosselies:
    • Contact : and
    • Keywords: pipelines for NGS data analysis, design of user interfaces, genetic diseases, cancer, NIPT, python, R/shiny
  • BRIGHTcore (Brussels Interuniversity Genomics High Throughput core):
    • Contacts: Sonia Van Dooren ( and Catharina Olsen (
    • Keywords: Omics, genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics, biomarker, sequencing, genetics, inherited, somatic

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