Internship @ Delhaize (10/5/2022)

Internship on forecasting modelling and analytics.
Context: Delhaize has an existing promo forecasting model and 
 would need someone to 

  • review current performance 
  • improve current model 
  • setup feedback loop

For more information please contact the Delhaize contact person.

Company contact person:
ULB contact: Pr. G. Bontempi

Internship @ SIRRIS (20/4/2022)

The internship will be on applied machine learning (notably active learning). All information here.

ULB contact person: Pr. G. Bontempi

Stages SUD ULB

All information here

Internship @ Sony (18/3/2022)

Sony R&D BRL is a software and Artificial Intelligence research & development group, focusing its activities on AI, security and new technologies such as human sensing and blockchain. It is wholly owned by Sony Corporation and exclusively researches and develops technology for Sony products and services.

Sony R&D BRL’s offices are located in Zaventem, near Brussels, Belgium. It takes 45 minutes to reach by train from Brussels Midi (Eurostar / Thalys terminal) and 5 minutes by shuttle bus from Brussels Airport.

The group is international and the working language is English.

All details here

Sony contact person:
ULB contact person: Pr. G. Bontempi

Internship @ Upstreem (08/03/2022)

All details here
Company contact person: Jean Lazarou,

Internship @ Worldline Brussels (08/02/2022)

3-months internship in the AI/ML/Big Data team.
All details here
ULB contact: Pr. G. Bontempi

Internship @ EuroHeatPipes (15/9/2021)

All information (in French)  here.

Internship @ CENAERO (23/6/2021)

All information here.

Internship @ORSI Academy, Melle (21/4/21)

Context: prostate cancer is the most common male cancer and a major cause of morbidity and mortality in Western Europe. If diagnosed in time, a cure can be obtained by surgically removing the prostate gland. This is often done using robotic assistance as care needs to be taken not to injure neurovascular structures which lie closely to the prostate. The ORSI group is developing assistive technology which helps the surgeon in decreasing risk to damaging these structures while maximizing the oncological outcome. We look at how models can help predict surgical margins and how patient-specific imaging can help in this process.


*          Finished bachelor of Science in informatics, computer science, engineering physics, electrotechnical or electromechanical engineering
*          Working knowledge of Python
*          Interested in Surgical Data Science
*          Min 6 weeks availability from mid August - September

Nice to have:

*          Knowledge of Anatomical Segmentation (3DSlicer, Mimics, Simpleware, D2P)
*          Knowledge of 3D visualization and manipulation is plus (Netfabb, Autodesk, …)
*          Knowledge of deep learning frameworks
*          Knowledge of medical jargon

More info here 

ORSI contact person:

ULB contact: Pr. G. Bontempi


Internships in the HiPEAC Project (20/4/2021)

The HiPEAC Project was born as part of the European Commission initiative to promote professional growth and technology development in Europe.
In the context of the HiPEAC Internship Programme 2021 any student can apply for a paid internship (up to 5000 EUR for 3 months) and work in a professional environment to complement their studies - the possibility of doing work-from-home and remote internships is also open!
The list of internships can be found here .

Internships in the SmartCampus ULB team (26/3/2021)

All info here
ULB contact: Pr. Bontempi

Internships at Convidencia (5/3/2021)

All info here 

Internships at ClassContact (26/1/2021)

All info here.

Internships at ION, Nokia, Antwerp (14/12/2020)

Internship -ION Routing R&D - Information here.

Internship - ION Deepfield - Information here.

Internships at Amazon

All info here

Internships at Tractebel

All info here and here 
Person contact in Tractebel:

Internships at Kaspard

Kaspard ( est une société dont le but est de promouvoir la mobilité des personnes âgées dans les maisons de repos. Pour cela, nous développons une solution qui détecte les chutes et les déambulations trop longues et informe le personnel soignant en tant réel.

See details here and here.

Internships at EY (24/3/20)

All info here, here and here.

Internships at Sirris (17/2/20)

Sirris is a non-profit and industry-driven knowledge center founded by Agoria, the federation of the Belgian technology industry. Sirris helps Belgian companies in the implementation of technological innovations, by providing companies with technological advice, by supporting companies in the definition and realization of innovation projects,
and by setting up and participating in European R&D projects. Sirris is active in several domains, among which Software Engineering and ICT.

Internship description here, here and here

ULB contact: Pr. Bontempi

Internships at DataCamp  (5/2/20)

All information available here.
ULB contact: Pr. Bontempi

Internships at OMP  (30/1/20)

OMP develops integrated solutions for end-to-end supply chain planning challenges across diverse, large industries (    The OMP approach includes a suite of software applications and services to optimize multistage production and multilevel distribution planning while considering complex manufacturing, inventory and deployment constraints. An important functional area within this framework covers the range of processes related to the management, planning, sensing and generation of demand forecast, which are supported by an in-house developed forecaster application. 
Given a dynamic landscape with emerging technologies and novel concepts, research and innovative ideation are deeply embedded within OMP activities, and hence we strive to foster and intensify academic collaborations.  We welcome students for internships and theses that focus on fundamental or applied investigations on e.g. novel techniques to improve forecast performance and predictive accuracy (e.g. ML, novel metrics), adaptation to industry-specific requirements (e.g. daily time series) or incorporation of additional data sources (e.g. downstream and open order data).
Ensuring an enthusiastic and inspiring environment embedded with a combination of data analytics, forecasting theory and business intelligence, the specific topic of investigation can be discussed with the applicant to match with his/her experience, skills and interests.
Contact person: Dr. Ruben Crevits,

Internships King Baudouin Foundation (23/1/20)

The King Baudouin Foundation is the largest philanthropic foundation in Belgium. It is active in a wide range of fields (health, education, fight against poverty, democracy, environment, etc.) and distributes thousands of grants each year based on tens of thousands of applications. Recently, the foundation has started to analyse this data to better understand who is supported, who is not supported and perhaps identify biases in selection procedures. In this context, an intern could participate, according to his skills and desires, in several aspects of the project:

    1. Dev: development of tools (app/web app) for data processing and visualization.
    2. Data science: data collection, processing and analysis.
    3. AI: application of machine learning tools (in particular natural language processing).

For the trainee, this is an opportunity to put his or her skills at the service of the general interest in a unique environment that touches on many aspects of our society.

Contact person: Robin Devooght,