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Solvay Workshop on "Higher Spin Gauge Theories, Topological Field Theory and Deformation Quantization"

Publié le 13 janvier 2020 Mis à jour le 13 janvier 2020

Over the recent years several fascinating connections have been discovered between Higher Spin gauge theories, Deformation Quantisation and Topological Field Theory. As it often happens, many concepts and structures are independently (re)discovered by mathematicians and theoretical physicists from different perspectives. The workshop is designed to bring together, for the first time, leading experts in these fields so as to foster cross-fertilization of ideas between the communities and trigger the production of new lines of research.

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Invited Speakers

Xavier Bekaert (U. de Tours, France)
Nils Carqueville (U. of Vienna, Austria)
Alberto Cattaneo (U. Zürich, Switzerland)
Chiara Esposito (U. of Salerno, Italy)
Larisa Jonke (Ruđer Bošković Institute, Croatia)
Branislav Jurčo (Charles U., Prague, Czech Republic)
Alexei Kotov (U. of Hradec Králové, Czech Republic)
Si Li (Tsinghua U., Beijing, China)
Pavel Mnev (U. of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA)

Vladimir Rubtsov (U. of Angers, France)
Ivo Sachs (LMU, Munich, Germany)
Alexey Sharapov (TSU, Tomsk, Russia)
Harold Steinacker (U. of Vienna, Austria)
Per Sundell (U. Andrés Bello, Santiago, Chile)
Richard Szabo (Heriot-Watt U., Edinburgh, UK)
Xian Tang (Washington U. USA)
Mikhail Vasiliev (LPI, Moscow, Russia)
Andrew Waldron (UC Davis, California, USA)

Scientific and Organising Committee

Glenn Barnich (ULB, Brussels, Belgium)
Pierre Bieliavsky (UC Louvain, Belgium)

Nicolas Boulanger (UMONS, Belgium)

Boris Feigin (HSE & Landau Institute, Moscow, Russia)
Maxim Grigoriev (LPI & ITMP MSU, Moscow, Russia)
Evgeny Skvortsov (Max Planck, Germany)

Michel Van Den Bergh (U. Hasselt, Belgium)

Marco Zambon (KU Leuven, Belgium)

Practical information for attendees

Fee and registration

Attendance is free of charge but registration is required (limited space).
To register, please click on ‘Click HERE to register’ at the top right of the webpage.
January 10, 2020 is the deadline for registration.

Name badges and WIFI codes will be distributed on site on Monday 17 February from 8:30 a.m.


The workshop will be held at ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) - Campus Plaine - Bld de la Plaine
1050 Brussels (Building N.O. - 5th Floor - Solvay Room). Click HERE for the map of the Campus.

***For any enquiries, please contact Isabelle Van Geet (isabelle.vangeet@solvayinstitutes.be)

Du 17 février 2020 au 21 février 2020
ULB - Campus Plaine - Solvay Room